Will Religion Save You – 7 Things That Are Pointless To Faith

Religion alone doesn't save.

Do you ever look around the church and wonder how many people in the congregation have a genuine relationship with Jesus? Did your church shut down in 2020 like so many others? It’s a disturbing situation for sure.

Religion folded like a cheap suit.

Religion alone will not save anyone. Cultural Christianity is harmful because it allows evil people to impersonate the true Christian and thus hinder the true message of Jesus. This creates cultural Christians that deconstruct sound doctrine and worship a fake Jesus from their imaginations instead of the Bible.

You probably already know this, but authentic Christians belong to Jesus. That makes us rare and gives us the remnant label, but let’s get back to the topic at hand…

Religion without a genuine relationship with God in our churches explain the rising trajectory of apostasy. But those people aren’t saved.

Salvation is possible only through divine grace. This might sound strange with so many apostate churches teaching that being good will get you to Heaven. It won’t. The Bible clearly says that this is false teaching.

Going to Heaven requires a personal relationship with Jesus, and He plays second fiddle to nothing in your life. So be aware that displaying the following 7 “evidences of faith” doesn’t mean the person has a relationship with Jesus.

So Will Religion Save You?

Certainly not but let’s dig in further.

Pastor Robert Breaker | Religion or Salvation

Visible Morality Will Not Save You

Having morals is a good thing, but will that get your name added to the book of life? No. The parable of 10 virgins in Matthew 25 tells us that only 50% of the Church has a personal relationship with Christ.

That means half the Church shows up out of cultural repetition. They have religion. They do not have Jesus.

Jesus hates religion.

So not stealing is good. Not murdering is good. Bearing true witness is good. Having a relationship with Jesus is salvation. More of us need to understand the difference between being good and being saved before it’s too late.

Intellectual Knowledge Will Not Save You

The apostle Paul tells us that many know of God but do not glorify Him. They do not accept Him as lord and yet appear wise in their knowledge to others. They are actually fools that have rationalized their sin.

Will religion save you

For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

Romans 1:21 (NASB)

So do not form theories about God without evidence and give thanks to Him because everything good you enjoy in life comes from God.

Let’s not get it twisted like fools. We walk in truth.

Religious Involvement Will Not Save You

Salvation is having a personal relationship with Jesus. Being involved with religion won’t save you and even half the church congregation might not be saved according to the Bible in Matthew 25.

Let’s look at it. Five of the bridesmaids were ready for the bridegroom’s coming and five were not. The bridegroom claimed to not know the 5 who were not ready. This tells us that half the people in Church will miss the Rapture and go through the 7 year Tribulation.

It is my hope and prayer that many in the 50% group that’s left behind will repent during Tribulation and receive salvation through Jesus.

Active Ministry Will Not Save You

The sad joke going around is that modern Seminary will teach you how to build a big church. They used to teach men how to save souls for God. Evil has infiltrated Seminary.

The deceivers are preaching false doctrine loud and proud these days. It is important for us to build a strong foundation in truth to protect us from their lies. There are pastors on TV giving warm fuzzy sermons with personal bank accounts worth millions of dollars. If that’s not a red flag, what is?

Mr. “Joel” is reportedly worth $100,000,000. Does that sound like the bank account of an unashamed workmen? No it does not. Be on guard and use your study Bible to verify what you hear.

Conviction of Sin Will Not Save You

Authentic Christians strive for self-control and practice conforming to God’s standard. We’re following Jesus in our own broken ways with our own skill-sets. We’re not simply trying to be good people and hoping that it counts for something later. We understand that sin dishonors God.

Sadly, living your life to the letter of God’s Law doesn’t make up for not knowing Jesus as your lord. Many people are doing it day in and day out. That’s what I like to call missing the point.

So let’s both remember exactly who we sin against and who paid the cost of our sins on the cross.

Assurance of Salvation Will Not Save You

Assurance of salvation will not save you.

Even cult members that deny Jesus as God act like they have security in God (Mormon, Jehovah Witness, etc). What they don’t know is that without Jesus their assurance is nothing but a superficial good luck charm.

Matthew 23:5 teaches us that many people do things to look good and holy in the sight of others. Crowd pleasing is common in our communities. They seek the public approval of men to appear hyper spiritual.

But you and I desire to seek the private approval of God. We understand that salvation is rooted in a divine gift (John 3:16). The resurrection of Jesus is our assurance. Without Him there is only delusion.

Time of Decision Will Not Save You

Those on the rocky soil are those who, when they hear, receive the word with joy; and these have no firm root; they believe for a while, and in time of temptation fall away. The seed which fell among the thorns, these are the ones who have heard, and as they go on in their way they are choked with worries and riches and pleasures of this life, and bring no fruit to maturity.

Luke 8:13-14 (NASB)

The Bible goes on to say that there are those who hear the word with “an honest and good heart.” They continue to believe the Gospel and bear fruit because that’s who they’ve become. Unashamed workmen. If this is you, the answer to will religion save you is definitely yes.


What is being saved in religion?

Being saved refers to the preservation of a person’s soul or spirit. Salvation delivers us from moral corruption, existential despair, and eternal punishment through faith in Jesus Christ.

Does religion make your life better?

Religion makes life better for true Christians by providing community, moral guidance, comfort in times of trouble, and a sense of purpose. There are still ups and downs though—life is hard for everyone.

Does religion give purpose to life?

Religion does offer a sense of purpose by grounding you life in the larger narrative of God’s plan. Real Christians are provided a framework for living with intention and moral direction.

Authentic Christianity is adoption into God’s family. I want to bring it home with an obvious call to action: seek truth.

That’s my answer to the question of will religion save me using The MacArthur Study Bible as reference.

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