The Truth About What Religion Was Jesus?

Jesus was Jewish

Jesus was a Messianic Jew and preached in the 2nd temple as a Hebrew Rabbi. Many people wonder what religion was Jesus and expect to hear Christian, but He is the Christ and can’t be a follower of Himself.

What Religion Was Jesus

Let’s take a journey to uncover the religious identity of Jesus, and navigate the landscape of the first-century holy land and the enduring legacy of His teachings.

First century Judaism was a period of apostate leadership within the temple. The people in charge (Pharisees and Sadducees) had fallen away from God’s purpose and twisted the Torah (laws) into self-serving control structures.

Jesus’ Jewish Upbringing

Jesus was born of a virgin named Mary and His step-father was Joseph. Both Mary and Joseph had royal lineage, but Rome was in charge and put Herod on the puppet throne.

Jesus was not an immigrant as modern liars want to portray. He was born in Bethlehem and hid in Egypt for a bit while Herod was trying to kill Him.

His early years were steeped in Jewish customs, rituals, and traditions. His upbringing within a Jewish household included regular visits to the synagogue and participation in religious education.

He was sinless and God in the flesh so it’s hard to say how much these formative experiences played a crucial role in shaping Him. His brought the world into being so it’s a safe bet to say the world didn’t change Him any.

Jesus’ Ministry and Teachings

Throughout his ministry, Jesus imparted a message rooted in Jewish values and ethics. His teachings emphasized doing God’s will, truth, and love for each other. Liberal theology tries to turn Jesus into some social justice rebel, but this isn’t true.

Jesus didn’t contradict anything in the Bible and lived a sinless life. His only goal was to do the will of His Father in heaven. He came to defeat sin and also to correct theology drift as He was also a prophet.

Controversial Aspects of Jesus’ Ministry

While Jesus’ teachings aligned with Jewish ethics, certain aspects of his ministry challenged established religious norms. Controversies surrounding his actions, including Sabbath observance and dietary laws, led to debates among Jewish religious authorities.

Some perceived Jesus as a religious reformer, introducing new interpretations of Jewish law and tradition. All He really did was correct their misinterpretations of Scripture.

All people are evil natured since the fall of Adam and tend to drift toward immorality and liberalism. Periodic reformation is necessary.

Jesus the Messiah

The concept of the Messiah held immense significance in Jewish tradition. Jesus’ claims and actions led to a spectrum of Messianic interpretations.

While some regarded him as the long-awaited Messiah, others held different views, contributing to a diversity of perspectives among Jews regarding his Messianic identity.

Religious leaders were threatened by the sheer numbers of people who followed Jesus, and quickly began plotting His murder.

Religious Developments After His Resurrection

Following Jesus’ crucifixion, the emergence of Christianity as a separate religion added layers to the understanding of his religious identity. Christian doctrine introduced the concept of the divinity of Jesus, elevating him to a unique position in the religious landscape.

This theological development further blurred the lines between his Jewish roots and his role in the emerging Christian faith.

what religion was Jesus

But let’s be honest. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt exactly like the Bible said He would on the exact date the Bible said He would. The Jews simply missed it because they were apostate at that time in history and still are to this day.

Interfaith Perspectives

The question of Jesus’ religious identity extends beyond Christianity.

In Judaism, Jesus is not recognized as the Messiah and is viewed as a historical figure. Islam acknowledges Jesus as a prophet but maintains distinct theological perspectives.

Understanding these interfaith viewpoints is easy because Jesus is the only path to heaven so the Satan naturally wants to deny the deity of Jesus. Have you noticed that religious freedom is always used as a tool to punish Christians?

The evil world will allow you to believe in anything except your creator who has the power to save you. Unicorns? Sure. Aliens? Why not. Superman? Okay. Jesus? Never! Welcome to new Sodom is what the Statue of Liberty sign should say.

In conclusion, the religious identity of Jesus is simple and written all over the Bible. He was born into a Jewish family, and his teachings bore the marks of Jewish values and ethics. He lived a perfect life and purchased us on the cross by becoming a living sacrifice for our sins.

He is our God.

I hope that answers your question of what religion was Jesus. Using a study Bible will speed up your learning and help you get to know Jesus better. You can grab one using this link.

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