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What are we supposed to learn from the Psalms?

  • Psalms 4 Meaning – Instructive

    Psalms 4 Meaning – Instructive

    Do you ever wake up with anxiety and fear for the future even though your situation hasn’t really changed? Maybe you see tough times on the horizon and worry? If so, this Psalm is for you. Psalm 4 is a special song written by King David. It’s like a prayer he made during tough times,…

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  • Psalms 3 Meaning – Hard Times

    Psalms 3 Meaning – Hard Times

    Do you ever get the feeling that the world is against you and everything you’re trying to accomplish is harder than it should be? Welcome to God’s family. Society just doesn’t like watching Christians succeed. I believe that it makes us prone to resistance and hard times, but brings us closer to Jesus through transformation.…

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  • Psalms 2 Meaning – Risky

    Psalms 2 Meaning – Risky

    Do you like being mocked and ridiculed? Nobody does, but that’s the response we get from God when we are rebellious. It’s much better to live under His divine authority and promise of protection. Hopefully God is laughing with you and not at you. What Does Psalm 2 Mean? Psalm 2 is a significant part…

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  • Psalms 1 Meaning – Powerful

    Psalms 1 Meaning – Powerful

    We’ve come to a fork in the road my friend. We can take the path of the righteous, or take the path of the wicked. We can live for a higher standard with God, or we can live a worthless life without standards and perish. Psalms 1 shows us this choice by contrasting the way…

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  • What Are The Psalms?

    What Are The Psalms?

    Most of us spend 12-16 years in school and never learn about wisdom—what a shame. Wisdom has been right in front of us all along. God wrote it for us and gave it to us in a book. I think we should at least read it and try to understand it. But you already know…

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